Ahead of time

Experience the Iris SCADA HMI software! This unique internal event driven engine is ahead of time and allows solutions that have not been possible before. Built by experienced engineers in industrial automation, its open architecture guarantees flexibility, ease of integration, ease of configuration and easy expansion securing your investment.

Iris holds all reporting features that you expect in a SCADA HMI software. Process visualization, Alarming, Trending, Data logging, Communication, etc, is standard functionality, but it has more to offer. Functionality like application generation, real on-line engineering, operator definable trending, on-line alarm priority definition and more are only few that you must experience.


The center of Iris is an event driven engine called Iris Event Handler (IEH), IEH ‘knows’ which module needs to send and receive data and makes sure that data is transferred between the different modules. Each module then is responsible for performing its tasks. This modular approach is the base for implementing a client-server architecture.

 Your Iris application is saved in XML format. XML-text is the friendliest way to organize data and to describe an application. It allows you to read an application using a standard editor and saves you lot of effort and time learning the details of the application.

High speed communication

Iris connects to industrial automation and information systems and devices communicating Modbus, Modbus plus, ModbusTCP, Siemens Ethernet TCP/IP, MPI, OPC and more. A unique solution is offered for high-speed communication making sure that all data (alarms) is received, visualized and forwarded. This is the only way possible to ensure the quality of your process. 

On-line changes

In many occasions operators need the flexibility to start a, temporary, trend on a specific data point in the field or need to log data from a data point for limited time. Iris allows you to do so without the intervention of a certified engineer. Change the running application on-line without stopping the production process, meaning no downtime.

Make S88 work for you

There is a huge advantage when your SCADA HMI follows the S88 framework, saving you lot of time in development and maintenance of your complete configuration. Iris supports S88 to its full extend. Objects and tag names are defined within the Control module and are automatically created when the Control module, Equipment module, Unit or Process cell is copied in the application.

Configuration Editor

The configuration editor of Iris is the starting point for your application development. Through a very clear overview (multiple windows to zoom in into detailed information) communication drivers, tag definitions and alarm properties are defined.  Tags that belong to a certain group can easily be found and adaptations can easily be made. An import and export function of XML or CSV format is supported making sure you develop an application in the most efficient way possible.

Screen editor

With the screen editor you define the visualization windows (panels) for your application. It exists out of two parts: The Iris Form Designer and the Object Inspector. The Form Designer determines the layout of the view windows. The Object Inspector contains all properties and events XE "Events"  of a selected object. The screen editor can work completely independent from an application. This makes it possible to make online changes to the graphical layout of a screen.


Iris offers you a very powerful alarm handler. It allows single alarm and alarm groups to help the operator fast recognition which part of the process is concerned. Different colors and blinking can help to differentiate alarm urgency. Alarms can be logged and printed for further analysis in multiple windows.


The trend module in Iris displays a huge amount of 2D and 3D graph styles with zoom, scroll and rotation possibilities, multi axis operation and printing and exporting possibilities. There is also the possibility of vertical trending.

When an operator needs to trend a specific data point or wants to see multiple data points in one trend, he can make the necessary adjustments on-line in the runtime application without the help of a certified engineer.

Iris for OEM

It is Raster Products BV’s mission to develop long term relationships with our customers. We invest in you to understand your needs and develop with you the solution that fits your needs completely.

We have the possibilities to make adjustments in the software, to develop a specific driver, specific objects or any other development to help our partner in making a unique offering. Our OEM customers most of the time adapt Iris and brand label it.


Iris Support

Our support team will be glad to assist you with your questions. Our experts will answer practice-related questions with regard to specific usage scenarios and applications for Iris SCADA software. We provide assistance directly, competently and comprehensively.

 Iris Training

To kick-start on Iris applications, Iris training is available teaching you all you need to develop your applications in the quickest way. The training is interactive and practical oriented and given by well experienced engineers with a large practical knowledge of various SCADA applications. Iris SCADA Trainings can also be provided as In-Company training.

Iris Engineering Days

Start-up design, development and testing of customer-specific SCADA applications based on the Iris SCADA software in cooperation with you. Your benefits:



The first installation that was equipped with Iris was the salvation of the Russian nuclear submarine, Kursk, in 2001. The high demands in this worldwide known project could not be realized with ordinary SCADA software. Since then over 400 Iris licenses were installed with different customers in different markets.

A selection:

Customer Project
Mammoet Kursk Salvation & many others
A2Sea Sea Jack
DSM Packaging line EPT3
AKZO Sikkens
Total On/Off shore
FCC Madrid Lifting Roof Madrid Stadium
Aviko Food
Van Tuyl Heavy lifting
Bakery Food
Normandise Food (Tracking & Tracing)
DuPont Teflon
Schmolz & Bickenbach Steel
Herrenknecht Shaft control

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